Required paperwork:

  1. Original Kentucky Title (no photocopies)
  2. Original Kentucky Registration  (not needed on trailers)
  3. Proof of current Kentucky liability insurance for the buyer
  4. Picture identification for buyer and seller. (If buyer and/or seller will not be present in our office, an application must be signed and notarized prior to transfer.)
  5. Social Security Number for each new owner(s) appearing on the title or Federal Tax ID Number for companies
  6. Title Lien Statement (TC96-187) if applicable, must be provided by the lienholder.
  7. Titles printed prior to 3/1/2000 will also require an Application for Title (TC96-182).
  8. TITLE ONLY transfers require that plates be surrendered to the county clerk.

Note: Seller and buyer signatures are required in the “Transfer of Title” section and both are also required in the “Application for Title/Affidavit of Total Consideration” section, signatures must be notarized.

General Information

The seller should sign his/her name on the back of the title exactly as it appears on the front. The seller’s signature must be notarized on the back of the title. In the case of an older title not having a notary field, the seller’s signature would then be notarized on the Application for Title. In cases of joint ownership – ‘or’ require just one signature – ‘and’ ‘and/or’ requires both signatures. The correct odometer reading is required. The Title and VTR may be completed and notarized outside the County Clerk’s Office. In such cases anyone may bring the paperwork in for processing.

If the buyer or seller’s signature is notarized by the County Clerk’s Office, the person must appear in person with a valid picture I.D. A $2.00 notary fee is charged for each signature.

The buyer must provide proof of current KY insurance on the vehicle being transferred. Original card must include name, effective date, vehicle identification number (VIN), NAIC number, Commonwealth of Kentucky policy number and expiration date. Once on site type in Mandatory Insurance and that will bring up the 45 day Mandatory Insurance requirements/law. All fees including a $17 transfer fee, notary fees (if applicable), plate fees (if applicable) and sales or usage taxes are due at the time of transfer.

Usage tax is based on 6% of purchase price when using a Total Consideration Affidavit. If not, the vehicle is taxed on 6% of the NADA retail value.

Any delinquent tax on the vehicle being transferred must be paid before transfer. Any delinquent tax on other vehicles owned by the purchaser must be paid prior to transfer. A license plate must be current in order to transfer the vehicle.

Accepted methods of payment are cash, money order, MC, Visa, AMX and Discover or personal check. No out-of-state checks accepted. Checks need to be made payable to the Warren County Clerk. Valid picture ID is required for acceptance of personal checks.

Motor Boat Transfers require previous owner’s certificate of registration and/or title along with a Motor Boat Transaction Record/TC 96-184 (revised 5/00). To print this form visit the Motor Vehicle Forms page.