When a Kentucky resident moves out of state, they must title their vehicle in their new state of residency. Some states do not notify Kentucky that the vehicle is now registered in a new state.

To ensure vehicle is taken off tax records, return a copy of the new states title or registration along with the Kentucky license plate to the county clerk’s office.

If current year taxes have not been paid, they will be due at the time the moved out of state is processed. You can do this by mail ($2.00 processing fee required) or in our office.

KRS134.810 States any vehicle currently in your name or any vehicle that was in your name as of January 1st that you would be liable for that years taxes.

To inquire about current year tax amounts you can call our Motor Vehicle Processing Center at 270-842-1535.
Mailing address:
Warren County Clerk’s Office
Attention: Motor Vehicle Processing Center
P.O. Box 478
Bowling Green, KY 42101