The repossession transfer must take place in the county of record where the lien is filed.

The following forms are needed to complete the transfer:

    1. Repo affidavit (TC96-192)
    2. Copy of contract or security agreement
    3. A lien release (TC96-187)
    4. Application for title (TC96-182)
    5. License plate must be turned in. If you are unable to return the plate and it is not expired, the plate must be replaced. Please submit a completed TC 96-167 form along with additional fee listed below.

Plate Replacement Fee $6.00

    1. All specialty plates must be converted to a regular plate before transfer.

Conversion Fee $3.00

  1. The fees are as follows: Title Only Fee $9.00
    Speed Title Only Fee $25.00
    For Kentucky dealerships the plate may remain with the vehicle if requested. The fees are:
    Title Fee $17.00
    Speed Title Fee $33.00

For Overnight Packages mail to:

Warren County Clerk’s Office
Attention: Motor Vehicle Processing Center
429 E10th Ave, Ste 100
Bowling Green, KY 42101

Our mailing address is:

Warren County Clerk’s Office
Attention: Motor Vehicle Processing Center
P.O. Box 478
Bowling Green, KY 42102