**The Leasing Company must provide to the Lessee the Company Federal Identification Number and month of incorporation in order to license the vehicle currently being leased in the State of Kentucky**

Documents required:

The original out-of-state title must be sent from the Leasing Company to our office. If there is a lien on the vehicle, a release of title is requested through our “Bank Letter”, which may be obtained at any Warren County Clerk’s Office or printed out in PDF format.
Our office will file a lien on the new Kentucky title.

A Power of Attorney must be sent from the Leasing Company stating the Lessee’s name as P.O.A. in order for the Lessee to sign any documentation for the Leasing Company. If multiple names are listed on the P.O.A. from the leasing company all signatures must be notarized on the necessary paperwork.

When registering an out-of-state lease vehicle, Kentucky proof of insurance is required.

A statement is needed from the Leasing Company on its letterhead stating exactly how much state sales tax the Leasing Company has currently paid on this vehicle. This is necessary due to the 6% usage tax collected by the County Clerk upon first time registration from out-of-state. The Leasing Company will be given credit for all state sales tax currently paid to another state. Any remaining difference must be paid at the time of registration in the State of Kentucky. When registering a “brand new” vehicle in Kentucky, it is necessary for you to complete the Total Consideration section on the Application for Title/Registration(TC 96-182), attesting to the purchase price of the vehicle. This application (TC 96-182) must be signed and notarized by both the seller and the buyer (Leasing Company). If the seller is unable to sign the application, it is necessary for you to present the window sticker or factory invoice stating the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price of the vehicle, including options and destination charges.

In the case that your Leasing Company is registering your vehicle under the U-Drive-It program, you will not need to present a statement of sales tax paid because we will not be collecting usage tax at time of registration. Please be sure that you obtain the U-Drive-It number from your Leasing Company. Further information on U-Drive-It can be obtained by calling your Leasing Company or (502) 564-6401.

A Sheriff’s Inspection is required on all out-of-state leased vehicles with the exception of leased vehicles on the U-Drive-It program.

You must take the title and vehicle to the Sheriff Inspection location:

429 East 10th Avenue #102,
Bowling Green, KY 42101

The Lessee must present the vehicle and a photocopy of the title (our office will provide a copy of the title when the original is received from the leasing company) to the Sheriff’s Station. The fee is $5.00, payable by check or cash only. Checks need to be made payable to the Warren County Clerk. The telephone number is (270) 842-1633. If you have a U-Drive-It Permit, no certified Sheriff’s Inspection is necessary.

The fee required for the Application of Title is $9.00. The annual license fee is $21.00. A pro-rated charge is based on the owner’s birth month. A lien filing fee is $22.00. There is a $2.00 fee for each required notarization. Accepted methods of payment are cash, money order, cashier check, and personal checks on LOCAL BANKS ONLY.  Checks need to be made payable to the Warren County Clerk. We also accept Debit and Credit cards, as well as American Express.

Out-of-state checks are not accepted. Valid picture identification is required for notarization and/or acceptance of personal checks.

Our mailing address is:

Warren County Clerk’s Office
Attention: Motor Vehicle Processing Center
P.O. Box 478
Bowling Green, KY 42102

For Overnight Packages mail to:

Warren County Clerk’s Office
Attention: Downtown Branch
429 E.10th Ave, Ste. 100
Bowling Green, KY 42101