Kentucky requires that an application for title be made within 15 days of purchase.

What you will need:

      1. Application for Title/Registration Form (TC96-182).
        The Owner/Buyer and Seller (if the ownership is changing) sections must be signed and notarized.
        When completed, Form TC 96-182 serves as your odometer statement which is necessary.
      2. Original title from previous state. If the title is being held by a lien holder, it must be released to the Warren County Clerk. The release is requested through a “Bank Letter” which may be obtained from our office. For more information or to request the form please call (270) 843-5309. Our office will file a lien on your new Kentucky title. The County Clerk’s Office will notify you of receipt of your title from the lien holder. If you do not apply for title and registration in Kentucky within thirty (30) days from the date the County Clerk’s Office receives the title from the lien holder, the title will be returned to the lien holder on the thirty-first (31st) day.
      3. A Sheriff’s Inspection is required on all out-of-state vehicles. You must take the title and vehicle to the sheriff’s office located at:
        429 East 10th Avenue #102,
        Bowling Green, KY 42101
        There is a fee of $5.00 (cash or check) for inspections. Checks need to be made payable to the Warren County Clerk.
      4. When registering an out-of-state vehicle Commonwealth of Kentucky, proof of insurance is required.
      5. Upon first time registration of a vehicle in Kentucky, the County Clerk collects a 6% usage tax. On a used vehicle, the tax is based on the current trade-in value according to the NADA guide. Tax credit may be obtained for any previous sales or usage tax paid to another state by the current registered owner. If there is a difference between previous tax paid by current owner and tax due Kentucky, then the applicant will be expected to pay the difference. The tax proof must be in your name and be on an invoice from the dealer or from the Department of Revenue where the vehicle was registered. Acceptable proof of sales or usage tax paid in another state must include the name of registered owner, vehicle identification number and amount of state sales tax paid. It may also be listed on the Out-of-State Title. If the vehicle was previously registered in Kentucky under the current owner’s name, then Usage Tax will be waived. When registering a ‘brand new’ vehicle in Kentucky, it is necessary for you to complete the Total Consideration Section on the Application for Title/Registration (TC 96-182) attesting to the purchase price of the vehicle. TC 96-182 form must be signed by both the seller and buyer and notarized. If both signatures cannot be obtained to sign the TC 96-182 form, it is necessary for you to present the window sticker or factory invoice stating the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price of the vehicle, including options and destination charges. Kentucky residents registering a vehicle purchased out of state must also complete the Total Consideration section on the TC 96-182 form, the application must be signed by both the seller and the buyer attesting to the purchase price of the vehicle. If the seller is not available to sign the TC 96-182, the tax will be based on 6% of the average retail value according to the NADA guide.
      6. The fee required for Application of Title is $9.00. The annual license fee is $21.00 which will be pro-rated, based on the owner’s birth month. For each required notarization, there is a $2.00 fee. Accepted methods of payment are cash, money order, Visa/MasterCard and Discover, or personal check. Out-of-state checks are not accepted. Checks need to be made payable to the Warren County Clerk. Valid picture identification is required for notarization and/or acceptance of personal checks.
      7. If the title reflects a lien holder a Title Lien Statement (T.L.S.) is required. The Warren County Clerk’s Office will file your lien in Warren County. The lien-filing fee is $22.00.
      8. If there are two (2) names with “or” on a Certificate of Title, one signature is required to be notarized ($2.00 fee) on the Application for Title/Registration Form (TC 96-182) to license a vehicle in the State of Kentucky. If signatures are notarized in our office, picture identification is required.


How will Road Usage Tax be calculated?

A 6% Kentucky road usage tax is collected on the retail value. The retail value is either the purchase price or the NADA retail value. If taxing on the purchase price, the seller must disclose the purchase price on the Total Consideration Affidavit (TC96-182), sign and have notarized.

Any delinquent property tax owed may prohibit title/registration.

Special plates are available for additional fees. Click here to see our special plates.

Accepted methods of payment are cash, money order, cashier check, and personal checks on LOCAL BANKS ONLY.  Checks need to be made payable to the Warren County Clerk. We also accept Debit and Credit cards, as well as American Express.