About Warren County

WARREN COUNTY, consisting of an area of 546 square miles, was named for General Joseph Warren, a hero of the famous American Revolution Battle of Bunker Hill. The area was first settled in 1785 when Andrew McFadin built McFadin’s Station on Barren River.

Bowling Green, the county seat, was founded in 1796 by Robert Moore near the site of the fort. Bowling Green is the home of Western Kentucky University, which has a 200-acre campus. The school was constructed on the hill that pioneers chose as a fort site. The fortification was seized during the Civil War, first by Confederates and then by the Union. Then in 1861, Bowling Green was designated the Confederate Capital of Kentucky. The city and county were traditionally Southern long before the Civil War.

Three miles south of Bowling Green is Lost River, said to be the world’s shortest and deepest. A cave at that point was named Lost River Cave. It is thought to be a hideout for Jesse James as well as a temporary headquarters for General John Hunt Morgan.